Munich Piano Competition 2023

Nymphenburg Castle, Munich, Germany

25–30 June 2023

Application deadline: 25 May 2023

The updates

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  • Competition is open to both professionals and amateurs (music lovers).
  • Online application automatically qualifies you for the live performance at Nymphenburg Castle.

Complete and Updated Rules and Provisions of Munich Piano Competition 2023.

Competition categories

Pre category5–6 years (born 2016–2017)4 minutes€50
Category A7–9 years (born 2013–2015)4–7 minutes€70
Category B10–11 years (born 2011–2012)5–10 minutes€70
Category C12–13 years (born 2009–2010)8–15 minutes€90
Category D14–15 years (born 2007–2008)10–18 minutes€90
Category E16–17 years (born 2005–2006)12–20 minutes€120
Category F18–19 years (born 2003–2004)15–25 minutes€120
Professionals20–37 years (born 1988–2005)20–35 minutes€150
Music lovers*No age limit15–30 minutes€150

Participation fees are non-refundable. The applicants pay transfer fees.


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