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Don't stop the music!

“Don’t stop the music!” is both our motto and our deepest wish in times when we need culture more than ever. Our need and wish to come together, build bridges and experience culture together will hopefully be fulfilled again in the coming years.

At this moment, it is not easy to establish a new festival. But we have succeeded against all odds: We are coming to Germany!

PianoSummer has been the cultural festival par excellence in Southern Europe for years – a project that has attracted more than 8,000 visitors since its inception in 2014. From what was once a local festival in Serbia, a focussed European cultural network is now gradually emerging that has been able to attract countries such as Germany, Serbia, Italy and, beyond that, South Africa as hosts.

For the German edition of the festival, which can finally take place in autumn, we are offering a series of concerts at several venues in Bavaria. Thus, in addition to top-class concerts with numerous highlights, visitors will also experience Munich’s urban character as well as the most beautiful places in the surrounding area. In addition to concerts with nationally and internationally renowned artists, a piano competition and an academy will also take place in the twelve coming weeks.

We are particularly interested in bringing a breath of fresh air to the cultural landscape. We want to be a festival that opens its doors to both renowned artists and newcomers, that dares to do something new, off the beaten track of the cultural scene, a project that welcomes everyone united by a common love of music.

And as a European cultural platform, it is very important to us to open a window to the world. The times we live in demand, more than ever, answers to the challenges of the future – we can only find them through political, but also cultural, exchange and mutual acquaintance and cross-fertilisation.

And last but not least, after the long period of isolation, we are glad to bring people together again!

In this spirit – Don’t stop the music!

Zoran Imširović
Founder & Artistic Director

Many cultural events were cancelled or had to be postponed in this year marked by the COVID epidemic.

We were therefore very happy that we were able to successfully organise our international cultural project Piano Summer 2021 in Vranje, Serbia, at the beginning of August, which is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

In addition, we were able to launch a new edition of Piano Summer 2021 in the beautiful Salento region of Puglia, Italy, in the pretty baroque town of Nardò and Depressa, which was a great success.

In doing so, we continued to live up to our claim of wanting to build bridges across countries, cultures and genres with our European cultural network, with diverse artists and concert programmes and in a varied setting.

Now, finally, a German edition of the European project Piano Summers 2021, which was initially planned for the spring from April-May 2021, can now take place in Bavaria in autumn – as an Indian summer, so to speak – from mid-October.

This is possible because we have received generous funding from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art, the district of Upper Bavaria, the LfA Förderbank Bayern. In addition, we are supported in a great way by partner companies such as the G. Henle Musikverlag, Steingraeber & Söhne Klaviermanufaktur Bayreuth , Azimut Hotels, Design Liga, TRS and the Richard Strauss Institute in Garmisch Patenkirchen. We are grateful and very happy for this!

The artists get to play live in front of an audience. The audience can finally enjoy live music again and thus get closer to the artists and listen to authentic sound.

You too can look forward to a top-class piano programme with renowned international artists and exciting up-and-coming talents, with a varied repertoire and genre-breaking performances in well-known concert halls and newly discovered, partly private, extraordinary spaces that will be opened up for us.

Let yourself be carried away by wild, delicate, playful, structured, lively, dramatic, exotic, modern and classical, romantic, baroque, culture-influenced pieces.

We will accompany you through autumn and the coming darker season with wonderful piano music at Piano Summer 2021!

Join us on our festival journey from Munich, to Benediktbeuren, Garmisch Patenkirchen, Augsburg, Nymphenburg and Landshut.

We look forward to seeing you and to the Piano Summer 2021 Bavaria with you!

Katharina Le Thierry d’Ennequin
Festival Director

Music brings people together across all borders and differences. It is able to build bridges between young and old, urban and rural, south and north, east and west – no matter how or where, it creates common ground. This unifying power of music is expressed in a particularly inspiring way in the Piano Summer Festival, which originated eight years ago in Vranje, Serbia, and will take place in three European countries in 2021.

I am convinced that the festival will succeed in bringing first-class music to a diverse and broad audience through top-class concerts outside the cultural centres of Europe and away from the established venues. Thanks to innovative concepts and a diverse and cross-genre music programme, we can look forward to an extraordinary musical experience. In addition, the Piano Summer will not only enrich the Bavarian cultural landscape with its concert offerings. The organisers are also particularly committed to promoting young talent: an international artists’ competition will provide young artists with a stage and an opportunity for creative exchange. The planned summer academy with internationally renowned lecturers also promises valuable impulses and stimuli for the participating young talents.

I would like to thank all those who, with courage, commitment and great passion, have made it possible to bring this remarkable festival to Bavaria. My special thanks go to the founder and artistic director of the festival, Mr. Zoran Imširović, the festival director Ms. Katharina le Thierry d’Ennequin as well as all those involved in the preparation, organisation and realisation of the festival. I wish the festival the success it deserves and the visitors exciting art experiences and lasting impressions.

Bernd Sibler
Bavarian State Minister for Science and the Arts

What would the cultural landscape of Upper Bavaria be without the diverse cultural offerings that associations regularly put together with a great deal of commitment, competence and experience? They contribute to making the people of Upper Bavaria feel culturally at home. This is also the case with the KulturBox association, which puts on the Piano Summer music festival. With its unconventional music program, it offers a summertime artistic treat that benefits locals and guests alike – and in many places, from Munich, Grünwald and Unterschleißheim to Benediktbeuern and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. As a European cultural network, the festival also builds bridges between regions: from Southern Europe, where it started, to Bavaria.

Regional art and culture are also close to the heart of the district of Upper Bavaria. It provides around 1.6 million euros annually for this purpose and was also happy to sponsor the Piano Summer.

Josef Mederer
President of the District Assembly of Upper Bavaria

Bavaria 2021 – schedule (updated)

Designliga, Munich

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Johannissaal, Nymphenburg Castle, Munich

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Richard Strauss Institute, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

No event found!

JUZ Noise Club, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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Holy Cross Church, Auditorium of the Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium, Landshut

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Little Golden Hall, Augsburg

No event found!

Benediktbeuern Abbey

No event found!

German Hunting and Fishing Museum, Munich

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