Serbia 2021

July 29-31 2021, Belgrade
August 3-8 2021, Vranje

PIANO SUMMER project is the festival par excellence in Southern Europe – a project that has already established itself in eight years and attracted over 8000 visitors. An unusual cultural project, far away from the safely travelled cultural highways of Europe with their accompanying folklore, which seems inevitable at classical music festivals, offers first-class musical experiences. The audience has the opportunity to experience the world stars and at the same time refreshing news from the art scene at close range.

So far, artists such as Natalia Gutmann, Gülsin Onay, Klaus Schilde, Miku Nishimoto and Goran Jurić have had the opportunity to show their skills on our stage, and the festival has not only offered successful summer academies, but also many world premieres and support programmes for the youngest.

A festival that awarded a Unesco prize to a sleepy southern Serbian provincial town far from the capital, which is now part of a worldwide network of 20 creative cities in the field of music.

The project includes numerous concerts, a summer academy and competitions to promote young talent, an artist-in-residence programme and a creative network initiative that enables young people from all over the world to participate, organise and gain experience in such a project.


Zoran Imširović
Founder & Artistic Director

Dear music lovers, dear music envoys,

I wish you a warm welcome to Vranje and I invite you to, along with numeroud esteemed world virtuosos, be a part of the “Piano summer” festival, which justifiably bears the epithet of the biggest classical music festivity in the Balkans. The uniqueness of all five editions of the festival so far, are the best recommendation for concert gourmands.

It is said that music is the queen of all arts and it is a reflection of the multiculturalism of our local community. Unique with the traditional musical heritage, in addition to the Vranje’s songs and trumpets, classical music has become an indispensable segment of the city’s cultural treasury.

The diversity of musical forms, just like the cultural identity, makes a society special. It is of great importance that such an event gathers artists from all meridians. Thanks to them, in a few summer days, the symphony of sound evokes the beauties of diversity that Vranje knows how to preserve and appreciate.

In addition to the audience, the energy of musical interpretations of the authors past and present keeps the attention of the participants, which is why many of them gladly return to our city.

Vranje exudes a special sensibility. The combination of merak and sevdah that spreads like sound is an emotion that cannot be told, it must be experienced.

I want all the guests of the festival to have their stay in Vranje imbued with the most beautiful moments, and just as music evokes memories, let socializing and new friendships remain the universal note of this festival.

Dr Slobodan Milenković
Mayor of Vranje

It is an honor for me to greet the Piano Summer in Vranje on behalf of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) and to welcome both foreign and domestic participants of the festival! Also, I cordially greet all the organizers from Serbia and abroad who have granted us this valuable musical event. SANU, for its part, is honored to be able to join these musical days in Vranje, the hometown of our great writer Bora Stanković, so that together we can achieve continuity in the culture of this region, our southern Serbia. Speaking as a composer, music culture is of fundamental importance to me, and the Piano Summer Festival enriches it, inspires our musical life and gives opportunities to our young artists to show their skills at the highest level. Firmly believing in the multiple values of this festival, I wish it success and a long life. For many summers!

academic Ivan Jevtić


August 2021
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