Munich Piano Competition 2024 – General Provisions

1. The Munich Piano Competition is open to musicians of all nationalities and ages.

Online application form (in English) should be completed no later than 20 March 2024.

Applicants are obliged to submit online, along with the Application Form:

  • a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate (or equivalent proof of age),
  • a colour photograph (suitable for publishing),
  • a proof of paid application fee – remittance slip (see instructions on our website),
  • please specify the country, city, school and teacher,
  • enclose exact Competition Programme with exact timings.

2. The Competition consists of 1 stage.

3. The Programme is performed by the free choice of the candidate.

The programme must cover two different epochs and must be within the specified time duration for a particular category.

4. Disciplines:

  • Piano solo 
  • Piano duo
  • Chamber music

5. The entire Programme must be performed from memory.

6. The candidates are divided into the following categories according to their age.

CategoryAge (year of birth)DurationParticipation fee
Pre categoryborn 2017–20194 minutes50€
Category Aborn 2014–20164–7 minutes70€
Category Bborn 2012–20135–10 minutes70€
Category Cborn 2010–20118–15 minutes90€
Category Dborn 2008–200910–18 minutes90€
Category Eborn 2006–200712–20 minutes120€
Category Fborn 2004–200515–25 minutes120€
ProfessionalsNo age limit20–35 minutes150€
Music lovers*No age limit10–20 minutes150€

*this category is for all music lovers who do not study but is a musician as a hobby.

Underage contestants must be accompanied by an adult. The Competition will not take any responsibility in safeguarding minors.

Time limits must be strictly observed! The Jury may disqualify the contestant for not complying with the time limit, each contestant will be stopped upon exceeding the time limit.

The contestants may apply for the higher category than their age if they wish so. The organizer is not responsible if the contestant has applied for the wrong category.

7. Participation fees.

Participation fees are non-refundable. The applicants bear the transfer and bank fees.

8. The Competition Jury will be composed of internationally recognized musicians and pedagogues.

9. The Competition Jury will work according to the Competition Jury Manual™.

The Manual will be available to any interested party. The Manual respects the highest “conflict of interest” standards, articulates the musical and interpretative demands for the awarding of the prizes offered, and harmonizes the process of numeric scoring, marking and ranking of the competitors with the intrinsic criteria of the artistic profession and musical performance.

10. Jury communication.

Competitors are not allowed to communicate in any way with any member of the Jury, outside of the official schedule, until the end of the entire Competition. Competitors may be allowed to communicate with the members of the Jury (according to the official schedule) for the purpose of suggesting further development initiatives – the schedule of such a session will be publicly announced.

11. Conflicts of interest.

A member of the Jury who is related to a competitor, or has had (institutionally or privately) any sort of teaching contact with a competitor, with or without reimbursement for the tuition provided, and regardless of the number of lessons given, cannot score, mark, or rank that particular competitor. Competitors are obliged, upon request from the Competition Secretary, to specify in the Application Form the names of the Jury members with whom they have had such pedagogical contact, and/or the members of the Jury to whom they are related. Competitors who has had such pedagogical contact with more than three Jury members, or is related to them, cannot participate in the Competition.

12. The Jury’s decisions are final and are not subject to appeal.

13. By processing the Application Form, competitors accept all terms and conditions of this prospectus, the Jury Manual rules and regulations, as well as the decisions of the Competition Jury

14. Rating System:

  • First prize: 90-100 points
  • Second prize: 80-90 points
  • Third prize: 70-80 points
  • Participation certificate/Diploma: 60-70 points

If multiple contestants have the same number of points, younger contestants have advantage.

Three best ranked contestants per category will receive Henle Urtext edition scores.

Selected participant(s) will get an opportunity to play concerts in Germany, Serbia and Italy.

Selected participant(s) will get an opportunity to participate in summer master classes led by eminent Professors, with scholarship.

15. Accommodation.

The Competition administration will forward information about the accommodation options to the competitors. The contestants can request from the administration recommendations for  instrument rentals. The Competition does not cover any costs from the contestants (accommodation, instrument rental, transportation, injuries, lost stuff etc.).

16. Press, etc.

The Munich Piano Competition will be monitored by music critics, journalists, managers, and other persons, reporting on the Competition’s progress in the media. The entire Munich Piano Competition, as well as the Competition Jury sessions, will be open to the general public.

17. Recording.

The Competition reserves the right to record, videotape, and broadcast the entire Piano Competition (including internet-transmission), without payment to the competitors. Recordings are the permanent property of the Competition and it is free to use them as it wishes and are free to be used by the Competition for any public occasion.

18. Visa requirements.

Some foreign nationals will need a visa for their entry into Germany. Expenses for visa issuance are to be covered by the competitors themselves. The competitors must check for visa requirements themselves.