Munich Piano Competition

Competition that closes the gap!

This international piano competition aims to close a gap and, as the first project of its kind in Bavaria, will offer all age groups a stage to prove their skills and gain new professional experience.

The participants, divided into different age groups (children, adolescents, students, but also music lovers of every age) will be judged by a top-class, international jury.

The aim is to promote young talents and to offer local participants access to international comparison and the exchange of experiences. The goal of the competition is primarily the promotion of International Young Talents, but also the opportunity for them to compare their piano skills and exchange professional experiences.

For more information about the Competition, General provisions and Application form, visit Munich Piano Competition page on our website.

The Summer Academy, concerts in Germany and abroad and the associated prizes are further incentives for the participants.


17. - 24. May 2021


All Day
Nymphenburg Castle, Munich


Nymphenburg Castle, Munich
Schloß Nymphenburg 1, 80638 Munich, Germany
Hunting and Fishing Museum, Munich

Location 2

Hunting and Fishing Museum, Munich
Neuhauser Straße 2, 80331 Munich, Germany

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